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Home Care After Hours On-Call Services

Home Care On Call Coordinator

Our offerings remain consistent: we provide two or three on-call coordinators dedicated solely to your agency, rotating their on-call responsibilities weekly. Supported by a supervisor, they seamlessly integrate with your agency's operations, managing call forwarding through a designated number. Our services include staffing for open shifts, onboarding new clients, handling intakes, monitoring overtime, and maintaining a daily on-call log. Periodic updates can be communicated via email, phone call, or text as needed.

We also help you by ensuring compliance with on-call pay regulations. It is essential to ensure that employees in on-call roles, even with additional pay, hold exempt (salaried) positions with managerial duties, including the ability to hire and fire. Otherwise, they should receive time-and-a-half pay for every hour on call. Non-exempt hourly workers must be compensated for overtime hours exceeding 40 in a week. You can verify these regulations with the Department of Labor to avoid potential fines and backpay obligations. As part of addressing these concerns and preventing staff burnout, I have founded this company dedicated to assisting others in navigating legal issues effectively.

Personalization (Important for Rapport Building!)

Experienced Home Care

We used to rely heavily on the phrase "We are not a call center," but as it became overused by others who still operated similarly, its impact waned. However, we stand by our promise of being different. With us, you're not just dealing with a faceless entity; instead, you're assigned an individual dedicated to your needs, with supervisory support available consistently throughout the week. This assigned team member rotates periodically with one or two others, ensuring integration and a seamless blending into your organization's fabric.

Would you take a shift from someone you did not know or "do them a last minute favor"?

We are all about relationship-building with caregivers, clients, and agency partners!

Bilingual Coordinators Available

Looking for a bilingual coordinator fluent in Creole, French, or Spanish? Look no further, we've got you covered.

Technologically Savvy 

All of our team members work remotely and are skilled in utilizing various VoIP, email, and communication systems. Additionally, we have extensive experience with the following scheduling systems:

  • WellSky (Clearcare)

  • Aaniie (SmartCare)

  • Swyftops

  • AxisCare

  • ERSP- Rates differ due to the lack of user-friendliness

  • HHAExchange- Rates differ due to the lack of user-friendliness

Our partners deserve the highest level of support, and we work tirelessly to maintain those standards. 

With our extensive experience in Home Care, we prioritize exceptional customer service, which revolves around meeting the needs of both your clients and caregivers:

  • Ensuring open shifts are adequately staffed to prevent clients from being left without care.

  • Assisting caregivers with clocking in out, providing directions, and promptly notifying clients if a caregiver is running late.

  • Managing case restaffing and logistical arrangements, including ordering rideshares or alternative transportation, and scheduling drop-offs and pick-ups.

  • Handling staffing for new cases or clients and meticulously documenting all activities in scheduling systems and on-call logs.

  • Promptly alerting marketers or utilizing a dedicated intake coordinator to facilitate assessments and scheduling in response to new client inquiries.

  • Persuading caregivers to reconsider calling off shifts or encouraging them to accept shifts they may initially be hesitant to take, showcasing our negotiation skills.

  • Engaging in active listening and providing assistance to clients regarding their needs or complaints, offering a supportive presence.

  • Demonstrating empathy in our interactions, sometimes transitioning from mere coordinators to acting as therapists, addressing emotional needs beyond logistical concerns.

Home Care Admin Experts

If you’d like more information about our services, get in touch today.

Our Company is based out of Florida,USA

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